Avignon *Sold*

Avignon *Sold*


Stately. Shapely. Sophisticated.

This lovely phone has been sold! If you’re interested in purchasing the same or similar, please order a Reservation and we’ll source one for you!

In the 1920s, the soft curves and naturalism of Art Nouveau began their evolution towards the future-forward, sharp-lined styles of Art Deco. Curved yet clean, bold and gentle: the style of the times manifested itself in architecture, art, and simple appliances for the home.

The Avignon telephone reflects this shift from naturalism to modernity. Its shining, broad base slims inward towards a cast zinc cradle. The materials and form of the Avignon telephone reflect strength and beauty merged into one solid, durable form.

The body of the Avignon telephone is formed from solid brass, and can be polished and refurbished if scratched. The handset balances in the solid yet gentle lines of the cradle, which has been restored and enameled to reflect its original form.

As with all of our telephones, the microphones are physically disconnected when the phone is hung up, allowing you to converse privately and call Alexa into the conversation as you choose. We will also install an audio port on the back of the telephone, allowing you to flip the audio to an external speaker when playing music or setting timers.

The Avignon telephone is nearly finished. If you wish to pre-order the Avignon phone, follow the normal checkout flow below. We will communicate with you about timing, and ship the telephone to you when it is finished. We expect this to be about 2 weeks.

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