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long-lived antiques

with modern function


Your friend Alexa, in an antique telephone.

In the Alexaphone, you can enjoy elements of founding industrial design, meshed with the modern practicality of everyday technology.

Pick up the perfectly weighted receiver and ask for the weather. Ask for a change in lights or music, or ask to call a friend. Alexa is now your operator. When you hang up, the microphones are fully disconnected. This prevents accidental communications with your Amazon assistant by ensuring that, whenever the receiver is on its hook, your conversations are private.

These telephones were made to last, and they have outlived their eras. Each has a unique form and a different story. We provide descriptions and images of the telephones, and their stories, in our shop.



  • Secure. Alexa can only hear you when the handset is off the receiver; all of the microphones are physically disconnected otherwise, so you’re not depending on a mute button to be trustworthy.

  • Speaker Compatible. Each Alexaphone comes with a 1/8" auxiliary out port, so you can connect it to your home speakers.

  • The Lights Of The Future. Status LEDs are carefully made visible in a way unique to each phone, striving for minimal disruption of the original aesthetic. Know when your Alexaphone is connected, listening, and more.

  • The Sounds Of The Past. On some phones we’ve been able to preserve or rebuild the antique earpiece electronics, so you’ll hear the original voice of the phone.

  • Easy Setup. Just plug in the USB power cable and set up with the Alexa app.

  • Uncompromised Experience. These works of art function with your Alexa app and any of Alexa’s skills.

  • One-of-a-kind. These limited edition pieces are crafted by hand from unique telephones, and come with their own stories, histories, and improvements. You can follow the story of your telephone’s revival on the grain Instagram.


Beautifully designed, well-crafted, and functional

We select antiques with great craftsmanship and carefully restore them by hand, with respect and consciousness of their original functions. We add modern functions, like the Amazon Echo, to give these well-designed objects new life in an era where their original purpose has gone to seed. The Alexaphone concept is one example of our process of restoration and updating.

We make an effort to preserve the integrity of the antiques, maintaining form and feel, and documenting the elegant mechanisms within.