Regent *Sold*

Regent *Sold*


Solid. Regal. Architectural.

This lovely phone has been sold! If you’re interested in purchasing the same or similar, please order a Reservation and we’ll source one for you!

The Regent telephone is a Belgian model from the late 1950s. Its bright body is strong and heavy, made of cast zinc plated with copper. Often we polish the body to a mirror finish, but the rosy and complex patina of the copper was too beautiful to remove. We have refinished the Regent’s Bakelite handset and receiver, and connected them using our custom fabric wire. We have preserved the original dial, with painted numbers on a porcelain face. The Regent is our only telephone with a built-in brass carrying handle, reflecting a time of increasingly integrated technology, where a telephone might have to come with you around the house or the office as you accomplished other tasks.

As with all of our telephones, the microphones are physically disconnected when the phone is hung up, allowing you to converse privately and call Alexa into the conversation as you choose. The setup button is wired to an original button on the front of the Regent telephone. We have also installed a ⅛ inch auxiliary out audio port on the back of the telephone, allowing you to flip the audio to an external speaker when playing music or setting timers.

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