Metropolis *Sold*

Metropolis *Sold*


Sleek. Styled. Sturdy.

This lovely phone has been sold! If you’re interested in purchasing the same or similar, please order a Reservation and we’ll source one for you!

The side of the Metropolis phone is embossed with patent years from 1915, 1918, and 1920. When the Metropolis phone was new, fewer than fifty years had passed since Alexander Graham Bell first called Watson on his homemade telephone. It had been barely three years since the installation of the first automatic panel exchange.

In the early 20th century, most candlestick telephones had no rotary dial, and required a secondary box that allowed the user to connect to an operator. The Metropolis phone is a candlestick rotary, the type that was introduced after the automatic panel exchanges went live in the 1920s, allowing for automatic connection without an operator.

You, however, can still connect to your digital operator, Alexa, when you pick up the Metropolis phone. The polished chrome candlestick fits comfortably in one hand or can be set on a table while you hold the black bakelite mouthpiece in your other hand.

As with all of our telephones, the microphones are physically disconnected when the phone is hung up, allowing you to converse privately and call Alexa into the conversation as you choose. We will also install an 1/8” auxiliary audio jack on the telephone, allowing you to send the audio to an external speaker.

The Metropolis phone is in the process of being restored. If you wish to pre-order the Metropolis phone, follow the normal checkout flow below. We will communicate with you about timing, and ship the telephone to you when it is finished.

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