In the 1940s and 50s, ornamental styles gave way to the clean, uncluttered functionalism we admire today. The Tenor and Alto telephones are exemplary pieces of the midcentury era, showcasing classic, sleek, architectural styles.

The Alto telephone is an iconic Stromberg-Carlson. Its low, sleek, streamlined design captures the midcentury aesthetic of clean efficiency, complemented by the subtlety of fine, gold lettering. The body of the Alto telephone is a classic: the upscale sibling of the ubiquitous 500 series of Bell telephones. We have paired it with the subtle, sculpted detail of a heavy Bakelite handset, to give the compact, fine-lined shape you see here.

We’ve restored this telephone’s lustre and added a custom fabric wire connecting the headset to the base. The status lights glow out the bottom of the body, providing both indication and retro-accent lighting when active.

As with all of our telephones, the microphones are physically disconnected when the phone is hung up, allowing you to converse privately and call Alexa into the conversation as you choose. Bluetooth connectivity is available, allowing you to send the audio to an external speaker when playing music or setting timers.

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